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Things to Know About the Nurse Staffing Crisis


One of the most critical forces that drive our healthcare system is the nurse workforce. However, the stability of our healthcare is threatened due to the issue of nurse shortage. Nurses are the biggest staffing group, accounting for about 40% of the overall operating expenditures. Still, many healthcare settings are understaffed when it comes to nurses, which compromises the well-being of patients as well as the safety of the nurses.

The American Nurses Association has been doing its best and is leading the effort to address the nursing crisis and enhance health care for all of us. All healthcare agencies, such as our healthcare staffing in Massachusetts, should contribute to resolving this problem.

Read on to learn some important things about the nursing crisis.

  • Importance of nurse staffing levels
    Nurses are the ones who facilitate the whole healthcare journey, starting from hospital admission up to the time patients are discharged. This particular responsibility gives them a distinct perspective and the power to foster positive patient outcomes. Having the right staffing levels, as fostered by our nursing staffing agency, has many benefits, such as lower mortality rates, shorter hospitalization, and a reduced number of falls and infections.
  • Giving nurses the power to solve the staffing crisis
    Nurses are very familiar with all the provisions required by their team, starting from patient complexity to the nursing unit’s layout. In the case of little federal intervention, ANA is supportive of a legislative model in which nurses are sanctioned to create flexible staffing plans for their respective units and foster better patient care. Staffing levels will be enhanced, and nurses will be able to provide for each other when needed the most.
  • Action needed to secure the future of nursing
    Staffing solutions provided by healthcare providers and other concerned agencies must evolve to deal with the healthcare system’s entire weight. Flexible plans will play a significant role in achieving this goal successfully. Each organization has to be held accountable for its respective operations as well as public reporting is vital in ensuring this transparency. Each nurse is a difference maker.

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