Our employees' and patients' safety is a priority during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Best Choice Agency Inc is a staffing provider for healthcare facilities in Massachusetts. We connect hospitals and healthcare providers with top-rated, qualified, healthcare professionals.

medical staff hugging with patient kid

We are a family-owned Medical Staffing Agency in Worcester, Massachusetts. We have a plethora of medical and other healthcare experiences. Our vast experience has afforded us the opportunity to see and understand some of those areas of need that often contribute to delays in care, ineffective care, and undesirable health outcomes. These contributing areas include limited staffing, hence the inception of Best Choice Agency Inc.

  • We make an extensive effort to minimize staffing shortage in various healthcare facilities.
  • We hire highly trained qualified and passionate staff with diverse expertise necessary to fulfill their responsibilities effectively for your facility needs.
  • We provide the best solutions for your staffing needs.