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Signs Your Medical Facility is Short Staffed


Medical facilities have been experiencing staffing shortages for various reasons. Most of the time, healthcare providers catch a disease that would render them unfit for service, or other times, they experience burnout due to the high number of patients. Medical shortages can be dangerous for both the staff and the patients. That’s why these issues have to be addressed. Check out some signs you must look out for to determine if you’re understaffed.

  • Frequent Mistakes are Being Made

    For an agency for healthcare staffing in Massachusetts, one of the main reasons why they know the importance of having enough staff is so that fewer mistakes are being committed. In the healthcare industry, making mistakes can be fatal. That is why if you’re noticing frequent mistakes, it may be a personnel issue you have to address.

  • More Staff are Burned Out

    Medical staff are bound to be burned out with a higher patient census and insufficient staff to help patients. When a team experiences burnout, the more errors and the lesser drive they have to provide excellent patient care.

  • You Receive Many Complaints

    When the staff is too busy to focus on one thing due to a high workload, they tend to do it faster and skip some steps to finish their workload. As a result, patients may complain about receiving inadequate care. Once you start receiving complaints, you may need to contact a nursing staffing agency for help.

The need for the healthcare industry is growing, and with fewer people willing to work, the industry may face a massive crisis. If you’re looking for a medical staffing agency in Worcester, Massachusetts, contact us at Best Choice Agency Inc.

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